CyrusOne’s European Portfolio of Fully Operational Data Centres Independently Verified as Compliant with Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

London, 25 April 2023 – CyrusOne, a leading global data centre developer and operator, has become the first to inform the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (‘CNDCP’ or ‘Pact’) Board that all its fully operational data centres in Europe have been independently audited to comply with the Pact’s terms. CyrusOne – a founding signatory of the CNDCP – worked with Bureau Veritas, the independent auditors, to assess all facilities operating and can demonstrate that they are on-target to meet the goals of the Pact and be Climate Neutral by 2030.

The Pact’s goal is to provide robust self-regulation that is effective in delivering positive environmental measures through stringent targets for environmental performance and sustainability goals in five key areas. These cover energy efficiency, use of green power, water use, recycling and reuse of waste heat. Collectively meeting these targets will ensure data centres are climate neutral by 2030. All signatories must provide an audit of their systems and processes for achieving these targets using 12 months of data from when they joined the Pact. For the first signatories, the deadline to provide this is 1st July 2023. In auditing all its facilities, and receiving 3rd party certification from Bureau Veritas, CyrusOne is the first to complete this essential task, well ahead of the formal deadline.

Many other signatories are well underway with their own audits. Smaller companies who have qualified as SME signatories can complete a self-certified audit but must still have this ratified by their national associations. Overall, the Pact expects over 50 data centre operators with facilities in Europe to complete the certification by the July deadline. The remaining signatories will be due to complete their audits once they have collected live data for 12 months from their date of signature.

Dr. Béla Waldhauser Board member of the CNDCP, commented; “This is a great achievement, and we congratulate CyrusOne for its speedy yet diligent audit of its facilities. This is a significant milestone for them and for the Pact as it demonstrates that we deliver what we promise with independent certification of real progress towards climate neutrality.

Matt Pullen, EVP and Managing Director – Europe, from CyrusOne added; “At CyrusOne, we have long recognised that transparency is central to achieving our sustainability goals. The independent verification of these efforts creates a powerful benchmark for the business and the industry. This will continue to be an ongoing focus as we strive to be the ‘gold standard’ in demonstrating verifiable environmental credentials and inspire others in our industry and beyond.”


About the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact: The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact brings together over 100 Data Centres operators and providers of cloud infrastructures services and Sector Associations across Europe representing the majority of all market actors in Europe. Established with the support of the European Commission and launched by Executive Vice President Timmermans in January 2021, the Pact is an unprecedented initiative by the data centre industry in Europe to proactively define and promote specific measures and targets to achieve climate neutrality across the sector by 2030.