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Stefano Cecconi, Vice-President of CISPE & CEO of Aruba S.p.A. – Aruba.it

” Both the energy efficiency and local self-produced energy by using renewables are in line with Aruba’s view towards a sustainable future. In fact, through our very own photovoltaic solar panel systems and owned hydroelectric power plants, we’re already producing more green energy than what we actually need across our data centres. This enables a negative carbon footprint across all of our operations and allows us to support our activities and our customers’ ones with zero impact on the environment. By choosing Climate Neutral Data Centres, everyone can actively contribute to the future of our planet. “

Jo Debecker, Head of Infrastructure & Data Management- Atos

“Data centres are an imperative asset for our modern economy and as such, must be at the heart of our decarbonization efforts. Atos already powers 95% of its European network of data centres with carbon free energy and researches on new technologies such as hydrogen. By joining the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, we reaffirm our determination to support our customers’ decarbonization journey.”

Wojciech Stramski, CEO – Beyond.pl

” Considering that ensuring sustainable growth of our business and that of our customers is a value deeply inscribed in our DNA, joining this initiative was a natural step for us. We have been a front runner in the Polish market investing in world class revolutionary green solutions. The environmental standards adhered to by Beyond.pl are on par with and even exceed those in Western Europe. This allows us to stand out vs the market in terms of our PUE ratio which is further enforced by 100% green energy. We consistently take conscious business decisions in order to ensure that we get as close as possible to being climate neutral. We are happy that Beyond.pl can represent the Polish data centre industry in this undertaking. “

Conor Molloy, Senior Projects Manager (Denmark & EMEA Region) – Bureau Veritas

” Bureau Veritas has worked closely with the Climate Neutral Datacentre Pact and has full understanding of the Climate Neutral Self-Regulatory Initiative. In working with the Pact, Bureau Veritas can bring both expertise on how to efficiently assure compliance with the defined targets as well as aligning them with current industry best practices and European legislation. “

Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Cloud28plus

” We are living in an era of infinite connectivity but finite resources. By reducing the environmental footprint of Cloud infrastructure in all dimensions, HPE and HPE Cloud28+ partners have a unique opportunity to pave the road for the next chapter of digital transformation, which should be eco-friendly and sustainable. “