Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

The Green Deal needs Green Infrastructure

Data centre operators and trade associations are committed to the European Green Deal, achieving the ambitious greenhouse gas reductions of the climate law, and leveraging technology and digitalization to achieve the goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050. To ensure data centres are an integral part of the sustainable future of Europe, data centre operators and trade associations agree to make data centres climate neutral by 2030.

  • These days, well-functioning digital infrastructures are the foundation for growth, wealth and prosperous economies. It is our moral responsibility to operate data centers as efficiently as possible. By being part of a sustainable future development, we feel committed to make a difference towards achieving the EU climate goals
  • As a leader in sustainable data centers, STACK have been building and operating climate smart data centers for more than 20 years. Our dedication to sustainability is as important as our dedication to building quality into our hyperscale data centers, powered shells, and commissioned capacity. We are proud to be a CISPE member, supporting its Self Regulatory Initiative for Climate Neutral Data Centres, and look forward to continuing to work towards a sustainable future.
    John Eland, CEO
  • Bureau Veritas has worked closely with the Climate Neutral Datacentre Pact and has full understanding of the Climate Neutral Self-Regulatory Initiative. In working with the Pact, Bureau Veritas can bring both expertise on how to efficiently assure compliance with the defined targets as well as aligning them with current industry best practices and European legislation.
  • Opiquad has always been and will always be committed to sustainable development of our infrastructure. This self regulatory initiative (CNDCP) is the most pragmatic way to create an industry standard for that sustainability. Technological development is about creating a more efficient and effective life for people, and sustainability is the primary measurement of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • As a trusted leader in the European data centre industry, VIRTUS operates with full awareness of our collective responsibility to minimise our environmental impact. That’s why we only ever use 100% renewable energy to power all of our data centres, as part of our commitment to protecting our planet. The Carbon Neutral Data Centre Pact provides further accountability for our industry as we work collectively to provide reliable, resilient and responsible critical infrastructure that supports the growing digital economy in the most sustainable way possible.
    Neil Cresswell, CEO
    VIRTUS Data Centres
  • Considering that ensuring sustainable growth of our business and that of our customers is a value deeply inscribed in our DNA, joining this initiative was a natural step for us. We have been a front runner in the Polish market investing in world class revolutionary green solutions. The environmental standards adhered to by are on par with and even exceed those in Western Europe. This allows us to stand out vs the market in terms of our PUE ratio which is further enforced by 100% green energy. We consistently take conscious business decisions in order to ensure that we get as close as possible to being climate neutral. We are happy that can represent the Polish data centre industry in this undertaking.
  • EdgeConneX, in collaboration with our investors, customers, partners and vendors, is 100% committed to sustainability with broad efforts already established related to renewable sourcing and the reduction in energy, water, and material usage and waste. In doing so, we fully support the Self-Regulatory Initiative and welcome it as a vital step to make our entire industry climate neutral in 2030.
  • There is no doubt that the IT industry has the opportunity make a vast contribution to reducing the carbon footprint associated with our activities. DataVita is exceptionally proud of the environmental efficiency of our data centres and services, with our facilities 100% powered by renewable energy. We aren’t stopping there though and by joining the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, we reaffirm our determination to support our customers’ on their decarbonisation journey.
  • Citizens across Europe use ever more technology to go about their daily lives and want this technology, also to help secure a sustainable future for people and planet. Today’s pledge from important parts of the data industry constitutes a promise to society and offers a welcome first step towards achieving our common ambitions for a smart and sustainable future.
    Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal
    European Commission
  • This industry wide European initiative is as much self regulatory as it is self explanatory: we owe it to future generations to look after our environment. This shows that as an industry, we have skin in the game and we look forward to make it a success together with CISPE and the European Commission.
  • The Carbon Neutral Data Centre Pact is a good initial step in bringing together the European Datacentre industry to actively play its part in addressing the serious climate challenges we face as individuals, an industry and society. Host in Ireland has always believed in the power of the collective. The commitment of data centre owners, operators and trade associations to work as a whole to achieve these goals provides the strongest foundation for success.
  • With cloud infrastructure the backbone of the European Union’s digital economy, our industry is committed to the idea that we must all play a central role in addressing climate change. This commitment underpins a roadmap for Europe’s cloud infrastructure industry to offer climate neutral services to customers by 2030.
  • Data centres are an imperative asset for our modern economy and as such, must be at the heart of our decarbonization efforts. Atos already powers 95% of its European network of data centres with carbon free energy and researches on new technologies such as hydrogen. By joining the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, we reaffirm our determination to support our customers’ decarbonization journey.
  • As the organisation representing and promoting the interests of the datacentre industry in Scotland, Host in Scotland is delighted to support this very important initiative. The critical importance of digital infrastructure and connectivity has been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and we believe that the development of new, efficient digital infrastructure which is provided on a net zero carbon basis is essential for society’s future requirements. Scotland has an abundance of renewable energy capability and we are keen that this, aligned with efficient equipment and reuse of waste heat, can support the growth of the datacentre industry in the country.
    James King, Chairman
  • Smart cities, home working & learning, future proof energy systems and the sharing economy would be impossible without data center and cloud infrastructure. With this self-regulatory initiative, we take our responsibility as an industry and commit ourselves to be climate neutral in 2030 and to help accelerate the energy transition.
    Stijn Grove, Managing Director
    Dutch Data Center Association
  • The goals of this initiative align with NTT’s global sustainability aspirations so we are delighted to be able to support this initiative in conjunction with the EUDCA. The data center industry has been a leader in the transformation of our society to the digital age and I see this as a moment for us to show similar leadership in the transformation to carbon neutrality.
  • Building a frugal and sustainable model is core to OVHcloud's DNA, that's why naturally we committed to be carbon neutral by 2025 and reach net zero by 2030. We are particularly proud to engage towards climate neutrality and join forces with major industry players.
  • IKT-Norway Datacenter Forum is proud to take part in this historic and unprecedented commitment by the European data center industry to proactively lead the transition to a sustainable and climate neutral economy.
  • At techUK we provide a collective voice for UK data centre operators and are delighted to be working with our European counterparts on this important initiative.
  • Mitigating climate change is a responsibility we all have an equal stake in. ISPConnect is committed to helping transform the cloud and datacenter industry to achieve climate neutrality. We fully support this initiative.
  • This is an ambitious initiative for the benefit of the ecological transition, based on the datacenters’ KPIs. France Datacenter, representing the datacenter industry in France, has joined the initiative. The commitment is voluntary and each company will be able to be part of it.
  • #Cloud is a key enabler to help all other industries to achieve Climate Neutrality on their own. @EuroCloudFrance is strongly committed to make the industry Climate Neutral by 2030" #GreenInfrastructure #GreenDeal.
    Francis Weill, President
    EuroCloud France
  • Having watched our industry mature, grow and innovate in areas of efficiency and sustainability over the past 20 years, I am confident we can work with the European Commission on meeting the aggressive sustainability targets they have set for the ICT industry by 2030. This initiative delivers a mechanism to achieve these targets while supporting the rapid growth in digital technology in Europe.
  • The goal of Climate Neutral Data Center in Europe until 2030 is for our Alliance the right approach and therefore our responsibility for the future. We are happy to support this Self Regulatory Initiative and we are looking forward to this European approach and exchange with the EU commission.
  • The Danish Cloud Community strongly supports the initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of European data centers and the goal of making them climate neutral by 2030. We will encourage our members to join, as this initiative is well aligned with our own initiatives to create a valid tool for measuring and consequently reducing the carbon footprint of our members.
    Jens Erik Thorndahl, Director
    Danish Cloud Community
  • We are living in an era of infinite connectivity but finite resources. By reducing the environmental footprint of Cloud infrastructure in all dimensions, HPE and HPE Cloud28+ partners have a unique opportunity to pave the road for the next chapter of digital transformation, which should be eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • In Seeweb we have always been committed to provide solutions based on sustainable infrastructures. Our data centers have been built so to reduce CO2 emissions and achieving the best levels of energetic efficiency (1,2 PUE).
  • This is a great first step aimed at bringing the industry together around digital environmental issues. We call for this initiative to be transformed into ambitious objectives aimed at building the technological leadership of European players, in line with our European values which give meaning.
  • Condividiamo e supportiamo con convinzione l'obiettivo di avere entro il 2030 tutti datacenter "climate neutral". Da ormai quasi un decennio infatti, i nostri servizi sono erogati da infrastrutture che non scegliamo solo per prestazioni e affidabilità, ma ancor prima assicurandoci che siano progettati e realizzati per funzionare con la massima efficienza energetica ed alimentati solo con energia da fonti rinnovabili (certificazione GO). Un contributo che reputiamo essenziale e che non dipende dalla tipologia del business o dalle dimensioni dell'azienda, ma dalla precisa idea di arrivare alla massima espressione tecnologica riducendo al minimo l'impatto ambientale.
  • IKOULA is proud to work alongside CISPE for a more sustainable Cloud, it is an ambitious challenge that we will take up collectively.
  • It is estimated that cloud storage allows savings of up to 80% in the energy consumption of enterprise computer equipment. Therefore, the systematized use of Cloud Computing contributes, in an increasingly quantifiable way, to reduce the carbon footprint. Both, for Gigas and for our clients, energy efficiency is a strategic factor as relevant as the purely technological one, because we are talking about integrating digitalization in the circular economy to meet the ODS", Diego Cabezudo, CEO of Gigas says.
  • With this initiative we have the opportunity to concretely demonstrate our willingness to contribute to the European Green Deal. Respect for the environment is a determining factor, especially for future generations.
  • At Equinix we are committed to a 100% clean and renewable energy target across our global DC footprint. Equinix is on the path to long-term sustainable growth while mitigating the impact of our operations on the environment and positively impacting our customers and communities. This self-regulated framework document compiled by the EUDCA shows great collaboration across the Industry and aligns closely with our own sustainability goals.
  • 3DS OUTSCALE is already strongly committed to the protection of the environment, which is highlighted by our ISO 26000 certification. We are naturally taking this step forward to help European Climate Neutrality and contribute to a new digital era that respects our environment for current and future generations.
  • The past was great but, it is not our future.
  • As pillars of the digital world, we have a responsibility to support a sustainable digital transformation. Thus, the environment being one of the pillars of our corporate strategy, we chose to go one step further by assessing our environmental footprint, and that of our customers, not just in terms of energy or water consumption, but over the entire lifecycle of our infrastructures and the IT equipment they contain. Our objective: act on the entire value chain.
  • We are in full support of the EUDCA’s ambitious commitment and are pleased to see yet more efforts being undertaken to make our industry more sustainable. This self-regulatory initiative offers a clear pathway and timeline for the industry to take measurable, impactful action that is compatible with a sustainable future, whether this is through how we build data centres or the way in which we conserve water and energy through design and operation. Our customers have some of the most ambitious sustainability goals of any industry, so the best thing we can do for the environment is to help them succeed.
  • Both the energy efficiency and local self-produced energy by using renewables are in line with Aruba's view towards a sustainable future. In fact, through our very own photovoltaic solar panel systems and owned hydroelectric power plants, we're already producing more green energy than what we actually need across our data centres. This enables a negative carbon footprint across all of our operations and allows us to support our activities and our customers' ones with zero impact on the environment. By choosing Climate Neutral Data Centres, everyone can actively contribute to the future of our planet.
  • We have one planet, no matter how big or small we are, we should do our best to make an impact for a greener tomorrow.
Quotes from the signatories are available here.
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