Public Register

All Climate Neutral Datacenters Pact Operators are referenced

Name of the CompanyDate of the registration
3DS Outscale (Dassault Systèmes) 21st Jan. 2021
Adam 29th Mar. 2022
Advanced Mediomatrix 14th Jun. 2021
AltusHost B.V. 21st Jan. 2021
Ark 25th May 2021
Aruba 21st Jan. 2021
Atnorth 24th Nov. 2021
Atos 21st Jan. 2021
AWS (Amazon Web Services) 21st Jan. 2021
Basefarm 16th Apr. 2021 29th Jan. 2021
Blacknight 17th Dec. 2021
Blix solutions 14th Jun. 2021
BrainServe 21st Jun. 2021
Bulk 8th Apr. 2021
Conapto 9th Feb. 2021
Custodian Data Centres 23rd Nov. 2021
CyrusOne 21st Jan. 2021
Data4 21st Jan. 2021
Datacenter One 16th Jun. 2021
Datacenter united 31st Mar. 2021
DataPlex 20th Sep. 2021
Datavita 29th Jan. 2021
Digiplex 21st Jan. 2021
Digital Realty/Interxion 21st Jan. 2021
EcoDataCenter 15th Jun. 2021
EBRC 17th May 2021
EdgeConneX 3rd Feb. 2021
EMC Home of Data GmbH 7th May 2021
Equinix 21st Jan. 2021
Etix Everywhere 8th Nov. 2021
Euclyde 4th Feb. 2021
EWL 4th May 2021
FlameNetworks 21st Jan. 2021
Gigas 21st Jan. 2021
GleSYS 13th Jul. 2021
Google 21st Jan. 2021
Green Mountain 1st Feb. 2021
Hispaweb 12th Jul. 2021
IBM 5th May. 2021
Ikoula 21st Jan. 2021 21st Jan. 2021
Infloclip 21st Jan. 2021
Intel 17th Jun. 2021
Irideos 21st Jan. 2021
Iron Mountain 8th Feb. 2021
ITnet 21th Feb. 2021
Kao Data 26th Feb. 2021
Keppel DC REIT 16th Jul. 2021
KevlinX 12th Jul. 2021
LCL 21st Jan. 2021
Leaseweb 21st Jan. 2021
Microsoft 29th Jan. 2021
Noris network 6th Apr. 2021
NorthC 31st Aug. 2021
Norwegian Data Center Industry 14th Feb. 2022
NTT 21st Jan. 2021
Opiquad 27st Jan. 2022
OVHcloud 21st Jan. 2021
Pfalzkom 12th Jul. 2021
Qarnot 26th Oct. 2021
Register 21st Jan. 2021
S3 Company 27th Sep. 2021
Scale Up 31st Mar. 2021
Scaleway 21st Jan. 2021
Seeweb 21st Jan. 2021
Serverfarm 17th Sep. 2021
Simplex 1st Feb. 2021
Supernap 17th Sep. 2021
Switch datacenters 14th Jun. 2021
T systems 26th Apr. 2021
Vantage 18th Oct. 2021
Virtus 16th Feb. 2022

Signatories of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact Self Regulatory Initiative are granted the right to use the stamp of the Pact as long as they comply with all the engagements